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The Daily Still Podcast - Guided Christian Meditations and Devotions

May 9, 2022

We are honored to offer a special guest meditation by writer and poet Cole Arthur Riley. Cole is the New York Times best selling author of “This Here Flesh - Spirituality, Liberation, and the Stories that Make Us.”

In today’s podcast episode, Cole shares a meditative reading from the chapter of her book on Rest.

We invite you to enter into a place of centering stillness, becoming aware of the Divine within. Feel the wind of the Spirit blowing, as you settle in and listen to this beautiful meditation by Cole Arthur Riley.

And be sure to join us on Thursday for a bonus episode and in-depth conversation with Cole, as part of our Conversation on Stillness Series.

Cole serves as the spiritual teacher in residence with Cornell University’s Office of Spirituality and Meaning Making. She is also the creator of Black Liturgies, a space that integrates spiritual practice with Black emotion, Black literature, and the Black body; and a project of The Center for Dignity and Contemplation where she serves as Curator.

For more on Cole and her work, visit

@colearthurriley and @blackliturgies