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The Daily Still Podcast - Guided Christian Meditations and Devotions

Jul 31, 2019

How do you think God views you?

Regardless of how you feel, God says you are His workmanship. His creation. His masterpiece! Let these Truths of how God sees you soak deeply into your spirit today. Ephesians 2:10

Jul 30, 2019

Where is striving causing you stress?

Jesus invites you to cease striving and receive the fruitfulness that comes from resting and abiding in Him. John 15:5

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Jul 29, 2019

Our faith is most often practiced with words. We do most of the talking while God listens. Silence is the beginning of true listening.

In this sacred place, we position ourselves to hear God’s Voice as we learn to communicate with Him in relationship.

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Jul 28, 2019

Today’s podcast focuses on noticing God’s Presence in the gifts of nature. Step outside and breathe in a deep gulp of nature’s beauty as you listen to this guided meditation. God is near.

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Jul 27, 2019

This meditation focuses on quieting our inner anxiety in the midst of the concerns of daily life. As we name our cares in the Presence of the Lord, we shift the weight of our worry into His capable hands. Get comfortable and settle in for 5 minutes of calm in the midst of the storm.

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