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The Daily Still Podcast - Guided Christian Meditations and Devotions

May 23, 2022

Today’s meditation focuses on a medley of Psalms expressing a longing for more of God. As you join us in this practice of Christian meditation, know you’re being drawn by Divine Love. So we come as a response to this Divine invitation.
How do we begin? Simple with sincerity of desire. God always gives us His...

May 16, 2022

This meditation focuses on Psalm 23 and Psalm 63. Both Psalms are written by David, the shepherd. As you ponder these Psalms, notice the personal nature of the Psalmist’s relationship to God.

Psalm 23 is known as The Shepherd’s Psalm. What beautiful hope is found in the promise of God as our Shepherd and Guide,...

May 12, 2022

This is a special bonus episode and conversation on stillness with New York Times best selling author Cole Arthur Riley.
Cole is a writer, poet and the author of “THIS HERE FLESH: Spirituality, Liberation and the Stories that Make Us." Cole is also the creator of Black Liturgies, a hugely popular and...

May 9, 2022

We are honored to offer a special guest meditation by writer and poet Cole Arthur Riley. Cole is the New York Times best selling author of “This Here Flesh - Spirituality, Liberation, and the Stories that Make Us.”

In today’s podcast episode, Cole shares a meditative reading from the chapter of her book on...

May 2, 2022

Today’s meditation focuses on Psalm 145:5-6 and God as our Redeemer. The God of the Universe stepped down from glory and became human flesh in the person of Jesus - the “Redeemer and Savior” of the world.
We are in the Easter season of the Church, known as “Eastertide.” As we participate in the seasons of...